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Going Live March 31, 2006

Posted by manthey in Creative Health Care Management, Leadership, Nursing Salons, Professional Practice.
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So, here we are: after a few months of talking planning and learning by trial and error, we are ready to get my blog up and out there for everyone to see. I go forward in this with very mixed feelings.

First of all I’m excited because I see this as a new way for nurses to come together, discuss important issues, gain strength and focus while recognizing and respecting differences. I believe this kind of discussion will clarify our understanding of complex issues and help us discover new truths.

That is the good news. The hesitation is because I’m not exactly sure what a blog is and exactly how it works. Friends of mine in the office of Creative Health Care Management are helping me with all that and assure me it is a good idea and entirely doable. So … here goes.

I’ve always believed that professional nursing occurs at the point of interaction between the RN and the patient whether that is the bedside in the hospital; the exam room in the office or clinic; or in the patient’s home. So to me, the staff nurse position is the one we need to focus on for development, enrichment and support.

I’ve enjoyed the big challenge of tackling and removing the barriers, both external and internal, which interfere with the nurse delivering the very, very highest level of competent compassionate care during those moments of interaction with the patient. This has involved changing the focus of management to leadership. That means the individual staff nurse must mature and develop enough to manage his or her self, relationships, and practice. It also means organizations have to change so they support creative problem solving of the staff nurse at the bedside. Obviously this has been a tall order. But Primary Nursing was a giant leap forward from which many lessons were learned that are still being operationalized today.

In all my 50 years in this field, I have never been so convinced that we have what it takes to move nursing into true mature professionalism. I have a profound sense of the changes in organizational dynamics that has occurred in my lifetime. Every time I speak with a group of nurses, I am amazed and energized by the incredible passion for patient care alive in nursing today.

A few years ago, I started a Nursing Salon. My intent was to bring nurses together to talk about the big issues of the day and to get in touch with the down-deep values of nursing. These Salon meetings always restored our hope.

Our cumulative wisdom is now so much more accessible due to the electronic revolution. Nurses from all around the world, in all settings and specialties can pool our experience and knowledge, thus increasing the intellectual capital available to all of us in the field. I hope this blog can play a role in energizing and informing the lives of those who visit.


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