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What Re-ignites You? December 7, 2006

Posted by manthey in Creative Health Care Management, Inspiration, Thought for today, Values.
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This past week I’ve had the pleasure to work with nurses in Arkansas and Missouri. I continue to be amazed at how simple truths about the nature of our work touch nurses deeply. At no time have I been with hard-shell attitudes or cynical skepticism.

Not that skepticism and resistance isn’t there. It’s just that when we strip away the “problem seeking” approaches we customarily use, there is an incredible source of positive energy waiting to be tapped. I don’t remember this positive energy being so apparent in the past.

There seems to be a much stronger recognition of the values that form the base of our profession. I sense a belief that we have solutions to problems caused by dysfunctional systems but we just aren’t sure how to go about implementing them. I hear a clear appreciation of the importance of our intellect and our compassion

I am encouraged by the whole notion of Re-igniting the Spirit. I want to hear from like nurses whose spirit has been re-ignited. Tell us how it happened and what it means to you on a daily basis.