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Salon Update June 18, 2007

Posted by manthey in Nursing Salons, Professional Practice, Values.
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The Nursing Salon has enjoyed some good publicity in the current issue (May/June 2007) of NurseWeek. We continue to experience, with the Salon, a healing of the hurts sometimes created by deep-seated problems within nursing practice. A sense of hope continues to be the most prevalent content on our check-out at the end of each discussion. No matter the number of people, no matter the age, no matter the level of education (we have LPNs and PhDs) no matter the specialty, no matter the setting — when we come together to talk about what is currently on our mind about nursing, the talk is authentic, value-driven, and powerful.

I would love to see this idea spread. I believe some other groups have started up and I would love to hear from you, how it is going. I would be happy to help anyone get another group started, and I have information on how to go about doing so. It is practically stress-free for all of us … me as the host and all those who come. If anyone wants info or help, email me at mmanthey@chcm.com. I will share our experiences, answer your questions and to what I can to support to your group.


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