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Why nurses come to the Nursing Salon October 2, 2007

Posted by mariemanthey in Leadership, Nursing Salons, Professional Practice.
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I decided to query the email list I use to inform people when the Salon is scheduled about why they even come to this event. Everyone is soooooo busy, there are many reasons why not to come. Every once in awhile, I’ll send you their answers to that question. Here are two:

The reason I show-up at the salon is for an up-close and personal dialogue about the state of nursing in a variety of settings. Thank goodness we have so many different attractions to different populations and different settings.
That makes for many career options and we all have a slightly different “take” on the state of health care and the state of nursing.

I also find the different organizational stances really interesting.  It makes me feel less alone in both the intimate and public struggle of healthcare.  Sometimes it is a transcendent experience, like after the [35W] bridge collapsed and Marty said she felt “we built a bridge here today” as our conversation kept veering back to that sad event.  Other times I get my energy rev-ed up and then feel a bit of a let down as action is up to me and I don’t always see a way.  Most of the time the Salon is a great reflective process to feed my brain and my soul.  I get nourished by the people via their hope, humor, and honesty.  The expectation to just “BE” in the setting of confidentiality and a meal is pure presence that I have not had very often as an adult and never in my professional life.

In today’s climate of the “Rage Industry,” and where Target customers are called guests, and patients are called consumers, I can come back to my core of nursing in a gentle and intelligent way with good conversation. I find it very good medicine!

Hi Marie,
I came to the first salon having no expectations nor a full understanding of what I was going to experience. What I found was a diverse group of people that care about nursing and where it is headed. I loved that it was an informal opportunity to explore and express ideas that had been percolating without a ready outlet.

I came back because I think it is a great chance for people to expand their experiences as nurses beyond their chosen patient population and see nursing as a whole. Though we may choose to work with different patient populations we see mainly the same issues arise on every level whether it be short staffing, inadequate leadership (both formal and informal), or lack of participation in unit-related activities.

We also share the same love for our patients and their families no matter what their age. We all felt a calling to nursing, and sometimes we need a reminder of what that calling was and why we worked so hard to answer it. I found this when I attended my first salon, and I hope to continue to renew my passion for nursing and search for further solutions through future meetings. Thank you for the opportunity!



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