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HAPPY NEW YEAR January 1, 2009

Posted by mariemanthey in Inspiration, Nursing Salons, Values.
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January One, Two thousand and nine.

What will this year bring?  Despite the economic down turn, which is undoubtedly affecting every single one of us negatively  in some way, there is the paradoxical feeling of HOPE  — for the future, the world, this country, health care and … the nursing profession.

The downturn is scaring new grads who entered school expecting life-long job security; only to find that in some regions low census numbers require staff reductions, lay-offs and empty positions not being filled. Those of us who have lived through these ups and downs  know this is temporary, but that doesn’t help a new grad with 30-50 K in school loan debt.   They need HOPE in the future job market.

HOPE. We all know the health care system is broken. We know we spend too much money on many things and not enough on other things, all because of reimbursement decisions made by someone somewhere. As the changes in the system come down the pike, I pray we as a community of health care workers find a strong voice to help the decision makers use our knowledge and skills to the maximum in order to improve the health of Americans and the humanity with which are sick are cared for.

As readers of this blog know, I am very excited about the potential for Salons to help heal nurses and to strengthen the contribution every nurse makes every day. I think our conversations help us think creatively about how we can better cope with stress and be a positive force for the health of society and to create healthy workplaces.

My personal HOPE for 2009 is that we have an astronomical increase in Salons — that they start up in every corner of the country. That besides purely nursing salons, another type starts up: interdisciplinary salons. First for doctors and nurses. For us to learn about each other as people so that our role relationships on the job can be healthier.

I am asking every who is currently running a Salon, or planning to start one, to please let us know through the blog or email me personally, so I can begin tracking the spread of this idea. My email can be accessed by clicking on my picture on the CHCM website (chcm.com).

We are moving up to four a month here in the Twin Cities.   We have a calendar posted on the University of Minnesota,  STTI chapter website and people can RSVP just by clicking a button. This is still just beginning, but I think we are creating a model that will help others.

2009. Just think of it. A New President. New problems. New solutions. HOPE.


1. LILIA RAPOSO - January 10, 2009

Dear Marie,
Happy New year, two thousand and nine.
There is a HOPE inside me and Lore Marx. People from CIRC is coming to Brazil to learn about our healthcare (broken as much as there or worse than this) and show us about the Sharing Groups for Research.
“Sharing” is a Hope for myself. For leadership here hopefully understands what the meaning of “s h a r i n g” and not hiding themselves. The organization needs to increase, development, technology, best equipments, money, money and money. Sickness or Health? How about the staff? Is this people healthy for working and taking care of people?
I ask you for join with us the next time for talking to a leadership for the most Brazilian Healthcare Organizations.
Ask for them “What do you need at most?” – “Tell us about your wishes for a healthy organization for taking care, for caring and so on.”
Congratulations once again. You keep coaching Lore and me. Thanks so much.
Believe in our BRAZILIAN LONELY HOPE. One day, it will be different. I do HOPE so.
We will help you for your 2009’s HOPE about Salons. There is a little corner here in Brazil starting with it.
We will keep you posted.
Warm wishes for 2009!!!

2. mariemanthey - January 12, 2009

Lilia, you know how deeply I support the work of Brazilian nurse leaders like you, Lore, Maria Antonia, and several other awesome women. You also know I recognize some of the special problems nurses have in Brazil…..problems that can easily result in lowered morale.

Of course, I would love to revisit Brazil to recognize progress you have been making, and to facilitate further developments. See my personal email to you.

Meanwhile, I cannot encourage you enough to develop the Salon movement. I think this is the greatest source of HOPE and new energy imaginable! It has never been boring….has never ended on a negative note….and the growth around the US is wonderful. We now have four going on monthly here in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Be sure to review the print material before you start. There are a few simple ideas that really help make a Salon a success.

HAPPY NEW YEARS….Lilia, Lore and all my friends.

PS Do you have a publisher who might be interested in translating/publishing the Relationship Based Care book in Portuguese? I think having Primary Nursing in Portuguese was very helpful. ciao.

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