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Last Week’s Salon April 22, 2009

Posted by mariemanthey in Professional Practice, Values.
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We met at my house on  April 13th and had great conversation about nursing from many different perspectives. I can’t tell you how important these kinds of meetings are, and how deeply committed I am to helping this concept grow across the US. I do have guidelines available for anyone and you can receive them by just asking me for them. Also I am available for phone conversations to help other groups get started.

With permission from the writer, I am copying an email I received from one of the attendees of that Salon

Hi Marie,

I neglected saying goodnight and thank you to you last night, my  apologies.  I was in a discussion with Paula about evidence-based practice and we just kept talking and walked out!  Oh dear I thought,  but then I imagined, it was okay with you as the salon again fostered  great conversation.

Maybe its because I’ve been away for awhile, but last night struck me  silent.  I was deeply moved by R’s closing comments … I  actually had tears in my eyes. For the first time in her nursing  career she was proud of her profession.  Do we need any more proof how  powerful these salons can be?  I’ve missed them.

Thank you so much Marie! You enable us to ponder the wonder of nursing and how much we can touch other’s lives.  And I am grateful.

See you next time,  D.

So, you see readers, why I am so passionate about this idea … and see it as a way to bring true healing right into our personal/ professional lives.

I need to apologize for not getting to this blog more often and to let you know I intend to change that starting now. I will be responding to all comments after I complete this post.


1. Paula S. Forte - April 23, 2009

Marie —
I loved your posting. The salon at your home that night was amazing and it could not have been possible without your masterful guidance.

My sense is, that as nurses we are unaccustomed to really LISTENING to each other AND unaccustomed to being so exquisitely HEARD. That is what makes your salon so effective, each person feels as though he or she has been genuinely heard and, to the degree the group is able, responded to.

Giving each person a space to speak is a real gift and it is the facilitator’s job to shape the event so that the experience is both personal for each participant and complete, without loose ends.

You make it look easy, but I know, the whole time we’re talking, you’re working, thinking, synthesizing, tying the pieces together so by the end of the evening, they emerge as a whole tapestry — the many shared ideas woven together. It is truly a talent (or maybe a gift) you have.

Thank you for sharing your passion and your gift again and again with all of us.

2. Lilia - April 26, 2009

Dear Marie, I am so glad to hear from you in such successful commitement with nursing in US. I do believe that the “Greatest Door” is right there: the door of your home. Congratulations for all your wonderful job and keep my deep Brazilian Love about your HOPE for 2009 comes true!
Please, have always my name on your mailing list for knowing all your news.
I am always taking a look at your blog, but just in case, keep me posted about your news there.
Tie hugh, L.

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