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Last Salon Note for May May 30, 2009

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On May 21, we had the regular one at my house (3 Salons for me in 10 days! What a treat) and I am inviting attendees to post a note. I’ve done enough posting today


Recent Reflections May 30, 2009

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At the Ways of Knowing conference  (for info, visit website of Center for Spirituality and Healing at the U of Minnesota) I found myself often connecting the Salon experience I’ve been having with the things I was learning about mindfulness as a strategy for a healthy life. For three days, wise people from all over the country and other countries as well, taught us about the relationship between ways of being and well-being. So much was relevant for the nursing profession and pertinent to what we can do to heal ourselves and our profession.  Yes, even in the fact of working in a sick-system that seems to be taking forever to get on the right track.

The Salons kept coming up in my mind because of the depth of meaning experienced there, as well as the fact that being present seems to bring all of us a degree of peace not found often in the pressure cooker of health care. And that is desperately needed.

I learned mindfulness in and of itself is healing. Mindfulness involves intention, attention and attitude and opens the door for experiencing the deep truths that lie at the very foundation of our work. It is such noble work and we are privileged to be able do it. Being open to that truth changes the day to day experience of being a nurse.

In a few weeks, the entire conference will be posted on the website of the Center and I encourage everyone to watch for it.  Ciao.

A new Salon in California! May 30, 2009

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On May 19, just one week after kicking off a Salon in Leeds, England, I was invited to do the same thing in Anaheim California. Here, some really innovative leaders at UC Irvine invited educators and practioners (including students and staff nurses) from three hospitals and several colleges to a first time Salon.  This first one was held  in a private dining room of a favorite restaurant and there were over 35 attendees with much enthusiasm for the concept.

I am always fascinated by the comments made during the check-out and how often I hear younger nurses say “I loved hearing the passion experienced nurses still have” while experienced nurses say the same about novices.

It is also always interesting to me to see how quickly the discussion moves into deep content, into deep truths about the nature of nursing work.  I have invited them to add their comments to the blog.

A Salon in England May 21, 2009

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Last week, on the eve of Nightingale’s birthday, nurses gathered in a private home to have a discussion about nursing. They invited me to be there for the kick-off of the first Salon in the UK. It was energizing, rewarding and exciting. The issues we discussed had to do with the basic values of nursing … and what it means to use a holistic approach. I felt completely at home, although I had only met one or two of the people there before. But: we were nurses … and there is a feeling of knowing one another that surfaces at times like this.

This event  took place in Doncaster, near Leeds, north of London. Hopefully more will start up around the UK and this first one will continue on a regular basis.

A couple of my English nurse friends were there, including Steve Wright, a well known leader in the UK whose book Sacred Space has guided my thinking about my own spirituality and the connection spirituality has with nursing practice. A couple of other leaders were there as well.

The age/experience/education span was as generous as it is here. We had a student nurse and a wonderful retired enrolled nurse (similar to LPN here). The passion for practice encompassed all present.

I am hoping someone who was there will contribute to the blog and that everyone starts sharing this experience with the nursing community through this blog.