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A Salon in England May 21, 2009

Posted by mariemanthey in Nursing Salons, Professional Practice, Values.
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Last week, on the eve of Nightingale’s birthday, nurses gathered in a private home to have a discussion about nursing. They invited me to be there for the kick-off of the first Salon in the UK. It was energizing, rewarding and exciting. The issues we discussed had to do with the basic values of nursing … and what it means to use a holistic approach. I felt completely at home, although I had only met one or two of the people there before. But: we were nurses … and there is a feeling of knowing one another that surfaces at times like this.

This event  took place in Doncaster, near Leeds, north of London. Hopefully more will start up around the UK and this first one will continue on a regular basis.

A couple of my English nurse friends were there, including Steve Wright, a well known leader in the UK whose book Sacred Space has guided my thinking about my own spirituality and the connection spirituality has with nursing practice. A couple of other leaders were there as well.

The age/experience/education span was as generous as it is here. We had a student nurse and a wonderful retired enrolled nurse (similar to LPN here). The passion for practice encompassed all present.

I am hoping someone who was there will contribute to the blog and that everyone starts sharing this experience with the nursing community through this blog.


1. Lilia - May 25, 2009

Hi Marie,
My congratulations from this part of the World. You are reaching hearts and nurses with the Salon and, hopefully, someday will come here in Brazil!
This is my HOPE to the future, very close.
Warm regards, Lilia.

mariemanthey - May 30, 2009

Lilia….good to hear from you. You know, you can do this in Sao Paulo. Mine started with just a small group of grad students nine years ago. And look what has happened, mostly just by ‘word of mouth’. You go, girl!

2. Roshanne Fox - July 9, 2009

Hi Marie,
i was the student nurse at his event and it opened my eyes to holism in the nursing profession to a whole new light. Thank you for coming along and sharing with us what you do so well!
Roshanne Fox
Student Nurse (mental health)

mariemanthey - July 24, 2009

Yes….I remember you well. Our discussion in England really pointed out the universal values in nursing. We have so much to be proud of in our profession. No matter how hard the work is…..how time consuming the regulations….how complex the tasks…..the reality of our privilege in helping vulnerable people continues to shine within our work

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