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A new Salon in California! May 30, 2009

Posted by mariemanthey in Inspiration, Nursing Salons.
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On May 19, just one week after kicking off a Salon in Leeds, England, I was invited to do the same thing in Anaheim California. Here, some really innovative leaders at UC Irvine invited educators and practioners (including students and staff nurses) from three hospitals and several colleges to a first time Salon.  This first one was held  in a private dining room of a favorite restaurant and there were over 35 attendees with much enthusiasm for the concept.

I am always fascinated by the comments made during the check-out and how often I hear younger nurses say “I loved hearing the passion experienced nurses still have” while experienced nurses say the same about novices.

It is also always interesting to me to see how quickly the discussion moves into deep content, into deep truths about the nature of nursing work.  I have invited them to add their comments to the blog.


1. Chris Bjork - June 5, 2009

Maybe this is how health care reform will actually happen – small groups of people connecting deeply all over the world.

2. Puja Shah - June 17, 2009

I was one of the least experienced nurses present and as a sponge I absorbed as much knowledge as I could. There is a lot of practical knowledge in nursing that cannot be learned from textbooks but can only be passed on from the experienced to the novice nurses and the Salon provided the perfect medium for this.

mariemanthey - June 21, 2009

Thanks so much for the comment, Puja. That is one of the great benefits to the Salons. Have you been to another one since then? I just did another ‘kick-off’ in Seattle. It is wonderful to be able to bring this benefit to the nursing community.

Puja Shah - July 14, 2009

Dear Dr.Manthey, I have not attended a Salon since our last meeting but i am looking forward to any opportunity that may arise; for now I continue to read your comments and experiences around the world.

mariemanthey - July 24, 2009

I’m sorry you haven’t been to another one…..I’ll try to keep commenting on them and encouraging people to just get one started in their community. I’ll see some of the folks from your area next week at the Relationship Based Care Symposium…and see if there are plans to continue. Meanwhile…..talk to your friends,….see about starting one yourselves. I’ll help in any way I can.

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