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My August Salon August 10, 2009

Posted by mariemanthey in Creative Health Care Management, Inspiration, Nursing Salons, Professional Practice.
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This one was special in that it was scheduled (by me) right in the middle of a five day practicum on Primary Nursing.  This was the first Practicum I’ve ever done, and it was a delightful experience for me and for the attendees. We had a great time and we all learned a great deal.

In the middle of this event, I had a Salon scheduled. All the Practicum attendees opted to come, so we had a group of around 20-22 people. It was large, but the conversation flowed well, because so many knew each other already from the class.

The theme for the evening ended up being “self-care”  a huge challenge for many nurses as well as non-nurses.  The beautiful part was the recognition that if we are not taking good care of our own beings —  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually — it is hard (if not impossible) to take good care of others.

I am looking forward to the attendees contributions to the blog…..bring them on!!


1. susan smith - August 19, 2009

Hello Marie
I was there!!! What an amazing week we had with a full international line up of nurses – just hungry and thirsty for learning about primary nursing and then to get the opportunity to attend a Salon – well what an event.

I have had the pleasure of attending the first Salon with you in England at my good friend’s house – Chrystal. This was very special for me as I was able to bring along my mother who was a nurse and now retired – hearing her reflections about “how it used to be when we really cared” she said. “What has happened to our caring compassion”? Was her reflection!! As I ponder that reflection it makes me want to take action and do something to support nurses to align with their spirit of caring – and I will!!! That is what your salon is about – using reflection to enhance your understanding of how things are!!

Your inspiration and humility is at the heart of the salon and I thank you for that.

As you say the emerging dialogue was all about self care and yet this emerged from the stories of caring and compassion for others in the field of nursing. We do not get the opportunity to be honest about how we feel in the ‘crazy world’ of health care. The opportunity is there in a salon – here we are all equal and willing to be supportive – we don’t talk over people we simply listen and learn.

I would encourage all nurses and health professionals to attend a salon – I will keep you posted of the next one in England!! Thanks once again for all your energy and motivation to keep up this very important work. sue

mariemanthey - August 25, 2009

Susan….thanks so much for your comments about reflection. It seems to me the time we spend in good conversation really has a therapeutic benefit….for nurses ourselves!

2. Anna Corulli - September 6, 2009

Marie – we kickoff our first Salon in Honolulu this Thursday, 10 September. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for the inspiration!


mariemanthey - September 13, 2009

Anna…..how did it go? If you send me something by personal email, let me also know if I can post it on this blog.

3. Robert Lumas - September 10, 2009

Hello Marie and friends. I was glad to have had the opportunity to attend both the Nursing Practicum and Salon in Minnesota. It was refreshing to be in a room full of individuals with such varied experiences. I left the Salon feeling refreshed and proud of what I do. I beleive that nursing is more than just a career choice, it is a calling that many of us have been fortunate to have recieved.
I am going to be brief since I am getting ready to drive out to the first Salon in Hawaii. Apparently I neglected to inform COL Corulli that the three of us from Tripler attended the Salon.

mariemanthey - September 13, 2009

Robert ….to me the whole week was a great joy. To be able to bring the simplicity and practicality to Primary Nursing in such an intensive and compact way seemed perfect…and something I will definitely continue to do. I’m in the process of picking dates for April and August and already have some attendees, even tho the date is not yet firm!!
I thought that Salon was really interesting as well, and share your sense of pride in the profession. Can’t wait to hear how last week’s first in Hawaii went.

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