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Salon Spread…..Is it a movement? October 3, 2010

Posted by mariemanthey in Creative Health Care Management, Nursing Salons.
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Salon Resources: https://wordpress.com/page/mariesnursingsalon.wordpress.com/7

The drumbeat about Nursing Salons continues.  Two weeks ago, there was as extraordinary gathering of nurses sponsored by NWONE that featured several well-known leaders. Margaret Wheatley, Christina Baldwin, Gary Saltus, Barbara Dossey and I were all on the program.  The main topic had to do with the value of conversation — to change our profession, our experience, our relationships — and indeed the world.

I had the privilege of  engaging in a dialog regarding my experiences as a nurse, the realities of practice today and the value of the conversations we have in Salons. The growth continues. There are several starting or already underway in Washington and Oregon.

At a MOLN meeting last week,  it was confirmed that there is one meeting monthly for over a year in Wilmer Minnesota. Two nurses from Rochester made a commitment to start one in the near future, and one is being planned for St. Paul. ( Mike Skobba, please note!)  Often, when I am asked to speak anywhere, I am also asked to run a first salon in that community.

There is an article in the latest Creative Nursing Journal written by Michael Petty who has been sponsoring one with his wife Michelle for a couple of years here in Minneapolis, and another will be published soon in Nursing Forum that I wrote, called “A Talk for All Times.”

What truly amazes and delights me is that this is all happening very organically. The idea  is spreading, mostly by word of mouth. I try to make note of each one I hear about, but I’m sure there are many more happening than are being captured and reported about. I think it is close to becoming a legitimate movement. It is something that is spreading, something that is creating energy, something that is changing nursing.   Wow!  This is fun!