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Salon Spread…..Is it a movement? October 3, 2010

Posted by mariemanthey in Creative Health Care Management, Nursing Salons.
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The drumbeat about Nursing Salons continues.  Two weeks ago, there was as extraordinary gathering of nurses sponsored by NWONE that featured several well-known leaders. Margaret Wheatley, Christina Baldwin, Gary Saltus, Barbara Dossey and I were all on the program.  The main topic had to do with the value of conversation — to change our profession, our experience, our relationships — and indeed the world.

I had the privilege of  engaging in a dialog regarding my experiences as a nurse, the realities of practice today and the value of the conversations we have in Salons. The growth continues. There are several starting or already underway in Washington and Oregon.

At a MOLN meeting last week,  it was confirmed that there is one meeting monthly for over a year in Wilmer Minnesota. Two nurses from Rochester made a commitment to start one in the near future, and one is being planned for St. Paul. ( Mike Skobba, please note!)  Often, when I am asked to speak anywhere, I am also asked to run a first salon in that community.

There is an article in the latest Creative Nursing Journal written by Michael Petty who has been sponsoring one with his wife Michelle for a couple of years here in Minneapolis, and another will be published soon in Nursing Forum that I wrote, called “A Talk for All Times.”

What truly amazes and delights me is that this is all happening very organically. The idea  is spreading, mostly by word of mouth. I try to make note of each one I hear about, but I’m sure there are many more happening than are being captured and reported about. I think it is close to becoming a legitimate movement. It is something that is spreading, something that is creating energy, something that is changing nursing.   Wow!  This is fun!


1. Joyce Vogler - October 3, 2010

I am a nursing faculty in Hawaii. We were so blessed to have Marie come to one of our salons, then led by the Chief Army Nurse. We had a decidedly army presence at those salons which were help every other month. However, that nurse left and I, along with a colleague have been trying to keep our salon alive. We have had 2 since, Aug and Sept and 4 people came to the first and only one of my students to the second so we don’t want to abandon them but we are discouraged. If anyone has a good idea for getting any famous nurse to come to our Nov 15 salon or any ideas of how to hook nurses who are really busy let me know-thanks and aloha as we say in Hawaii.

mariemanthey - October 5, 2010

Joyce, thanks for the note. One suggestion is to contact mid to upper level leaders at Queens and invite a few of the informal leaders, and urge them to invite someone to come with them….from staff or NM ranks. You or someone on the faculty may know who to approach. Another is for us to see if I can skype in to your next one. We haven’t done that yet, but I am equipped and think it might be a good thing to do.

At a recent conference after I had presented on Salons, Christina Baldwin (Circle fame) told a story I will try to repeat accurately for you. It is about a remote village, accessible only by boat. At some point in time the boats began to regularly deliver alcohol and smokes….more and more often. A woman elder saw her community falling into alcoholism and heavy smoking habits. She called for a community meeting and set the date. When it arrived, she was the only attendee. She again invited the community on another date, and again no one came. This went on for 6 months….finally one person came,…..then another….and finally the community came together and sportively made the decision to stop the bad habits. They became healthier and all was well.

Someone asked the elder if she didn’t feel bad being alone all those times in the beginning. She said, “I was never alone. Our ancestors were always there.”

Joyce, I feel that our nursing ancestors (Nightingale, Robb, Stewart, et all) really are with us as we use conversations to re-member the ancient truths about the meaning of nursing. We do this through conversations about what is happening to all who attend in their current situation. It often leads down the path to a reconnection that we and society desperately need to make.

Thanks again for the note. Let’s see about skype. email me directly at mmanthey@chcm.com

2. Peggy Sietsema - October 14, 2010

I had the opportunity to visit with Mairie at the recent annual meeting of MOLN (Minnesota Leaders in Nursing) which is referenced in Marie’s note of Oct. 3. I shared with Marie that we have been holding salons in the Willmar, MN area over the past year. To date, we have had 9 conversation gatherings; being scheduled approximately every 6 weeks, always on a Monday evening beginning with a light meal and then 2 hours of conversation and very much modeled on Marie’s format. Over that time, the invitation list has grown as nurses ask to be included on the notification e-mail. Attendance varies but has typically numbered about 12 each evening. There are individuals who consistently attend and others whose attendance is more sporadic depending on their personal schedules. At each salon, there is a nice mix of previous attendees and “first-timers”. The conversations around “what’s on your mind about Nursing” have varied in subject matter and are always interesting and invigorating. The guests constantly encourage me to continue to offer the salon opportunity and often send “thank you” notes. The response seems to have something to do with more clearly articulating one’s own beliefs, understanding others’ views and finding one’s own wisdom.

One of my concerns as a salon host is to continually seek diversity in the group. Clearly, the more diverse the group (in terms of Nursing experience, practice setting, gender, etc.); the richer the conversation. Consequently, I am seeking ideas as to how to engage more “novice” nurses into the salon experience. Marie suggested seeking opportunities to include students (perhaps via nurse educators) in the salon evenings as a way to build participation. I would welcome any ideas that others might have as well on the topic.

Marie, I do believe that you may have started a movement or at least re-discovered the value and re-energized the ancient symposia for Nursing and nurses in today’s world!

mariemanthey - October 30, 2010

Peggy …this is great news. I heard a rumor that there was a Salon in Wilmar, and am delighted to know it is true. I hope this blog becomes a natural center for sharing information and experiences at Salons. I’m going to start asking someone attending to write a brief summary of their impression/experience and will hopefully generate more voices for others to hear. Please keep sending info….Who knows who hears it and what effect it has? The internet is just fascinating. Thanks so much.

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