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The Power of Conversations May 30, 2011

Posted by mariemanthey in Nursing Salons, Professional Practice.
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Conference:  Ways of Knowing Conversations

Over one hundred health care professionals gathered for a day of conversation about Sustainability and Spirituality in Healthcare on May 25 in St. Paul, MN. The unusual format for the day gave national experts 20 minutes for their speeches followed by  30 minutes of “table talk” among attendees with 10 minutes for audience-wide sharing.

This approach was designed to recognize the reality that the experience of attendees provides unique and expansive backgrounds within which to share understandings of the speakers content.  The buzz in the room confirmed the validity of the format.

One of the common threads of the people who attended is a deep interest in holistic approaches to healthcare. The insights shared and decisions made and shared point to the reality that, once again, conversation changes people and the lives they lead. Attendees were physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, counselors, etc.  Role distinctions blurred around the common interest in holistic health and the environment.

Salons were  frequently mentioned as one mechanism for these kinds of life-changing conversations.  Many people said they are interested in starting a Salon and I hope they will use this blog to share their experiences.


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