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News: A New Salon in Michigan June 29, 2011

Posted by mariemanthey in Inspiration, Nursing Salons.
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Salon Resources: https://wordpress.com/page/mariesnursingsalon.wordpress.com/7
Good evening Marie,
I want to let you know that we have formalized our Nursing Salon in Rochester.  I was really hoping that someone who attended the salon you facilitated last October would want to do this. After careful consideration, I invited the nurses from our first Tide of Primary Nursing, 15 nurses arrived on time, and I had to suggest it was time to end and leave at 9pm.  It was a beautiful evening of insightful conversation, my heart was singing, my brain was whirling. The nurses found the conversation inspirational, energizing, and a sacred place to talk about nursing.  Our youngest nurse was 6 months into her profession, our most mature nurse was 40+ years into hers.  We had nurses from Medical Oncology, Maternal Child, Critical Care, and Rehab, surprisingly we were all more similar then different in our perspectives of nursing, the complexity and significance of the roles that we all engage in.
Karen  (she was the host of the salon you attended with us) has agreed to alternate the evening with me.  She has odd months, I have even months.  All who attended committed to bringing a colleague with them to the July salon.  We agreed to the third Thursday of the month.
Fabulous, phenomenal, and I cannot wait for the next salon in July.
Thank you for your vision, encouragement, and listening.

Conversations June 16, 2011

Posted by mariemanthey in Inspiration.

Conversations vs. discussions is an intriguing differentiation.  A discussion is often as exposition of pros and cons around an idea or an opinion, whereas conversations are an exchange of points of view between people. I think one of the reasons I like conversations so much is that I am sick and tired of people trying to persuade me to believe one thing or another. Politicians head the list and I have recently joined the No Labels initiative to support the simple idea that we need to stop labeling each other and start honest conversations about issues.

Another thing I’m sick and tired of is TV news programs. The same fact can be totally distorted by the different biases of the station. I am just as tired of CNN as I am of Fox and MSNBC.

And finally! I shop at Costco because they don’t try to persuade me by signs/displays/sale notices, etc. to but something.  They just put it out there for me to decide. I shut off commercials. I’m sick and tired of people telling me how I should think or what I should buy.

I love conversations on important topics by people who care about them. It is healing!!