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Conversations June 16, 2011

Posted by mariemanthey in Inspiration.

Conversations vs. discussions is an intriguing differentiation.  A discussion is often as exposition of pros and cons around an idea or an opinion, whereas conversations are an exchange of points of view between people. I think one of the reasons I like conversations so much is that I am sick and tired of people trying to persuade me to believe one thing or another. Politicians head the list and I have recently joined the No Labels initiative to support the simple idea that we need to stop labeling each other and start honest conversations about issues.

Another thing I’m sick and tired of is TV news programs. The same fact can be totally distorted by the different biases of the station. I am just as tired of CNN as I am of Fox and MSNBC.

And finally! I shop at Costco because they don’t try to persuade me by signs/displays/sale notices, etc. to but something.  They just put it out there for me to decide. I shut off commercials. I’m sick and tired of people telling me how I should think or what I should buy.

I love conversations on important topics by people who care about them. It is healing!!


1. Pamela Broz - August 19, 2011


2. Mariah Edgington - March 18, 2012

I feel the same; important topics and people who care about them create the perfect combination. You’re right, it is healing.
In nursing, I’ve found conversations to be healing as well. Oddly, some of my most healing conversations were when little or nothing was said. Those have been the richest of my career.
Walking quietly into a patient’s dimly lit room, gently taking their hand and somehow absorbing some of their pain or anxiety. Astonishing how a simple touch can create such an intimate connection. A gift really.
One day I hope to teach other nurses how to accept this gift from their patients and allow these moments to revitalize them. Perhaps we could call it “Green Nursing”, an energy exchange or renewable energy source… nurse to patient… patient to nurse.

Any thoughts?

mariemanthey - March 18, 2012

Yes…lots of thouhts. I love the Green energy concept. One of the ideas I m thinking about alot is how we manage our energy in general, and in particular in terms of how to be present in the moment. BEing present clears the mind of the past thoughts and future concerns….and helps slow down the perception of time…..which is the reality. Your green energy idea is a very practical way to accomplish this. Love it!

3. Heidi - January 23, 2015

I so agree with this post!

I reflect back to patients I served who lived with end stage memory loss, aphasia or who were on hospice and less able to communicate in “words”.

I am a verbal processor so it is tricky for me to imagine coping in another way, but nursing has allowed me –one patient at a time–to think differently about how many ways caregivers communicate with their patients and families.

For example, early in my work with hospice patients, I recognized that long after my patient was able to speak, they could hear, feel, smell and taste. Partnering with the patient ,family and care team, I asked what it was the patient would most want to feel, hear, taste, and smell..what was important to them. Sometimes the answer was “Michelob, Bacon, silk and Jazz Music” other times “Apple pie, red wine, “this” nightgown and Christmas Carols”.

Great topic.


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