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News: A New Salon in Michigan June 29, 2011

Posted by mariemanthey in Inspiration, Nursing Salons.
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Good evening Marie,
I want to let you know that we have formalized our Nursing Salon in Rochester.  I was really hoping that someone who attended the salon you facilitated last October would want to do this. After careful consideration, I invited the nurses from our first Tide of Primary Nursing, 15 nurses arrived on time, and I had to suggest it was time to end and leave at 9pm.  It was a beautiful evening of insightful conversation, my heart was singing, my brain was whirling. The nurses found the conversation inspirational, energizing, and a sacred place to talk about nursing.  Our youngest nurse was 6 months into her profession, our most mature nurse was 40+ years into hers.  We had nurses from Medical Oncology, Maternal Child, Critical Care, and Rehab, surprisingly we were all more similar then different in our perspectives of nursing, the complexity and significance of the roles that we all engage in.
Karen  (she was the host of the salon you attended with us) has agreed to alternate the evening with me.  She has odd months, I have even months.  All who attended committed to bringing a colleague with them to the July salon.  We agreed to the third Thursday of the month.
Fabulous, phenomenal, and I cannot wait for the next salon in July.
Thank you for your vision, encouragement, and listening.


1. Kathleen - July 30, 2011

as a follow up Karen faciliated our second July salon in Rochester, MI. Both Karen and I have read “Salons: the Joy of Conversation.” It has certainly prepared both us of us to better facilitate and engage participation in the conversation. Absolutely fascinating – what happens when nurese come together around the professional work that we do, it is demanding, comples, physically taxing, and we leave the conversations with energy and inspriation to intentionally return to our chosen work.
About half who attended were guest at the first Salon, the other half were new to the experience. We made a second commitment as participants in the conversation to not allow anything to get in the way of our “sacred” conversations.” We are ready to open our conversations to a wider audience, some of us have committed to bring nursing friends from other nursing communities to share with us. Expanding, widening our ways of thinking.
Wishing you a restful weekend.

2. Kathleen - August 23, 2011

Dear Marie,
Karen and I have flawlessly executed our third nursing salon. We had 19 nurses attend,10 of the nurses present trusted the beauty and benefit of conversation for the first time. A few of us have been in attendance of all three and the others came back to learn more about the magic that has attracted us to the inspiration of conversation.

Or it could be all about my 2 little husky puppies that they wanted to visit with…..If that is what it takes to bring nurses together – “conversations about the profession, vocation, and commitment” …then it is worth having 2 little babies huskies in my home. (It is what I tell my husband, he does not understand why I need 2 pups).

As in prior Salons, it was clear that we would be respectful to time and finish at 8:30pm, and again, I was shooshing guest out of my home at 9pm. It was an evening of celebration of our work, support of each other, and visioning our future.

I have shared the concept of Salon’s with others outside of the organization, they are envious of the commitment we have made to each other. I encourage them to be bold, attend with us, and try it out for themselves, their peers, and our professions.

We were holding a place for you this past Thursday and will continue to do so each time we meet.
thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
Kathleen in Rochester

3. Lori Smith Glenn - March 8, 2012

Dear Marie,
I was invited to the Nursing Salon hosted by Kathleen in February. I am nursing faculty at a local university and pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. In the busyness with checking off the tasks on our complex and ever lengthening to-do lists, it is easy to forget why we are nurses and get to that place where we reflect on the beauty of its art and science. It was a true honor and privilege to share with those nurses their love of nursing and their patients. I left feeling invigorated and at peace at the same time! We have brought this concept to our Dean and hope to start salons for nursing educators very soon! Thank you Kathleen for bringing this to the nurses of Michigan!

mariemanthey - March 9, 2012

Thanks so much for your insight and reply. This is exactly the benefit I see being reaized over and over again at Salons. An interesting aspect for faculty members is the frequentcomment from student….”This is what isn’t covered in our classes”. They typically feel validad intheir choice to study nursing deeply connect withwhat you noted as “the beauty of its art and science.”

Keep us posted of your progress.

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