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From where I stand….. October 20, 2011

Posted by mariemanthey in Leadership, Professional Practice, Thought for today.
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This is the ‘best of times and the worst of times’ for nursing.   As I travel around the country, I see and hear about nursing departments that are delivering the highest quality nursing care humans have even received.    There is a peak of highly personalized, humane care focused on the individual being delivered, which provides opportunities for true healing to occur.   A level of care we could only dream about years ago.   Care that is highly competent, highly holistic, and highly personalized.   And in these places, nurses truly experience a level of joy that enriches and energizes their whole lives.

And then down the street ….or at the other end of town, there is another place, where the workplace culture is toxic, staff are angry and fearful (the same thing?) and patients are viewed as sources of trouble, annoyances to be dealt with, etc.

In other words, the contrasts between good and great hospitals and the worst ones is sharper than ever.    And the finding that my colleagues and I see over and over again is that the difference is in the culture and in leadership.   In other words “the protoplasm is the same”.

And of course, a whole huge chunk in between these two extremes.   The good news is the bad ones can change.   The bad news is they have to see that the problem is leadership and culture… and BE WILLING to change!

I’m curious what those of you working today think about these observations.   Are you working in one of the best or one of the worse?    Have you had a family member in one or the other?    The best or the worse of times.