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Gallup poll…nursing vs. congress! January 1, 2012

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Once again nurses have highest ranking in  ethics and honesty among all 21 professions tested.   And guess what?….congress members were scraping the bottom of the list right along side of used car sales people.   What do you think we should do about this?   Elect more nurses to Congress?   Have the nursing profession conduct classes in ethics, honesty and trustworthiness for members of congress?   What do you think? …..


1. Bobbi - February 11, 2012

It is a great honor to be voted the most ethical and honest by the patients and families we serve, but also a great responsibility. It is definitely one of the most rewarding and difficult parts of my job, to honestly talk with a family of a loved one that is actively dying, or maybe not receiving the right care or God forbid, not evn been told of their serious health condition.that is affecting them.
As we all know, nurses are very adept at solving problems. If I can’t get what I need for a patient one way, I will go about it another way until I get what I need, but by God, I will get it done! I work with nurses everyday that face many obstacles to care delivery and yet return to care another day. It is my job as a leader in our organization to do everything I can to eliminate barriers to providing care.
In our current climate of “safety mecahnisms” mandated, we must stop and ask ourselves, “Does this really help me?, Is this process doing what it is meant to do?” or is it merely creating more steps to an already too complex system. The patient should be the focus for focused change, not the process.

mariemanthey - April 22, 2012

I couldn’t agree more with all the points you made in this comment. Especially the point about leaders needing to remove barriers to care delivery…and the question about whether safety mechanisms are really effective or adding complexity. Thanks.

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