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Conversations Create Change November 12, 2013

Posted by mariemanthey in Nursing Salons.
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Recognition of the value of conversations to change ourselves and the world is organically spreading from the experience of Nursing Salons to using their same format and function in a variety of other settings.

I have heard of using the question “What’s on your mind about…..?” as a non-judgmental opening for wide-ranging issues.    The very openness of those questions removes constraints that might otherwise hinder creativity and deeper dialog.

I continue to be amazed at the directions the conversations take in Salons…..especially the ones where different levels of nurses from different types of settings – with vastly different role experiences – come together to talk.  And Most Surprising Fact!!!! ….they never, ever turn into bitch sessions.    I’m not exactly sure why…..but I am reporting the truth.

I’m curious… how have you seen that simple question used to stimulate a conversation?