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A ‘Mass Salon” event at the Texas Nurses Association meeting April 20, 2016

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Texas has done it again.    Last Saturday I introduced Salons to the House of Delegates and for the next two hours, about 170 delegates experienced a Salon conversation at their tables.   The same format was used…check in, have a conversation, check out.   It is such a simple formula, I am always amazed at what happens at an experiential level.   After each table had ‘checked out’ we had a room-wide sharing.   And that is where the magic and/or miracle was seen.   Among the comments was amazement at how easy and conversation flowed..  “like fish moving in a school”…..  it seems organic and effortless the way the conversation moved based on the check-in.   Another comment was how easy it was despite vast age and experience differences..   “Amazingly energetic”.   “Easy to reach common ground”.   “Nursing has the same values no matter where is it practiced”.   Found the bedrock of who we are….reached common ground.   And finally as always….the word Hope came through.   This seems to be an almost universal result of a salon conversation.

The reason I was asked to do this by the TNA is they are encouraging their members to form Salons all over Texas….and the members present were encouraged to become or recruit hosts in their regions.   The TNA will provide a website to post information about all meetings, including the opportunity to RSVP right on the website.   This is a really important development and will greatly facilitate the success of this movement.

Thank You Texas….for once again Thinking Big


1. Kim Belcik - April 29, 2016

Dear Dr. Manthey:
It was a great joy and pleasure to take part in the “mass” nursing salon held at the Texas Nurses Association House of Delegates. You truly inspired me.
When you talked about the Chalice and the Blade and the idea of partnerships, the hair on the back of neck stood up. I shared with you from the audience the work of Dr. Kathleen Heinrich and her partnership with my faculty group at Texas State. I myself, have engaged in partnerships with my clinical student groups and am working diligently to transform my learning into manuscripts to share my experience with others. It has made my work as faculty enjoyable and joyful. I see my students taking care of each other as colleagues as they build their relationships with each other over the course of the semester and then translating that caring to their patients. It makes my heart sing!
When I got home, I scheduled my first nursing salon at my home in May. I’ve invited 8 nurses from diverse backgrounds including former students, old colleagues I want to catch up with and current friends at work.
Thank you for sharing your story with us. It re-iterated that the work that I’m doing with my students is meaningful and will turn them into loving, caring nurses who will go on to transform the health and well being of the communities they serve.
Kim Belcik
Texas Nurses Association

mariemanthey - June 15, 2016

Kim…you have made my ‘heart sing’. Thanks for sharing this comment and keep me posted on the salon experience. Feel free to use the blog to share it with others…..

2. Cindy Zolnierek - May 4, 2016

I can’t thank you enough for joining us in Texas to facilitate a “group” Nursing Salon. It was POWERFUL and I believe that everyone present was transformed by the power present in conversation about things that matter. Already, nurses in Texas are planning Nursing Salons within their communities of nurse colleagues. Some are even planning interprofessional salons – involving nursing and our physician colleagues to talk about our common interests. Your references (Margaret Wheatley) have been informative in helping us appreciate and fully engage the power of conversation.
Thank you for your continued contributions to our beloved profession.
Cindy Z
Texas Nurses Association

3. Ellen Martin - June 9, 2016

It was an honor to meet you and participating in my first Salon. I am one who doesn’t practice at the bedside anymore and I was so inspired by the people at my table who do and by those who are educating our next generation. It was a remarkable experience and I look forward to doing one myself. Thank you!

4. Olga Rubio - October 15, 2016

Hello Mrs. Manthey’s, I am a seventh semester nursing student at the University of Texas at El Paso. My Leadership group and I are very inspired by your story and would like to know if we could interview you. We are working on a poster board presentation on TPAPN. Our main goal is to spread the word that TPAPN is not only about getting your license back but instead about getting your life back. We believe your story is a perfect example of that. We would conduct the interview by phone, online chat, Skype or any other method you see fit. I can be contacted at OLRUBIO@miners.utep.edu. Have a Wonderful Day!

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