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Timeless Treasures: ‘Utopia’ April 28, 2017

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By Marie Manthey

Utopia is a nursing unit where the staff members are treated with respect by both the hospital that hires them and they physicians with whom they work. It is a place where the respect people have for themselves and each other means that relationships are healthy and supportive. It is a place where people understand the value of maintaining their own peace of mind.

In this Utopia, nurses are self-confident and have a sense of self-worth. They know they aren’t perfect, and accept the reality that they will make mistakes. They understand that no one wants to make mistakes, but that mistakes are inevitable because they are human, and only God is infallible.

Nurses in Utopia have a sense of purpose in life and believe they have both the right and responsibility to shape their own futures.

Nurses in Utopia feel good about themselves and can therefore love their patients. They recognize and respect the interests of other nurses, patients and physicians and respond to them appropriately. These nurses have an ability to get the job done, even within their own limitations. They are free to use the very best level of skill, knowledge, intuition, and personality strengths they possess in administering care to their patients. They understand the fundamental value and worth of their profession and are ennobled by the dignity of the human interactions they engage in during the normal course of their professional activities.

Nurses began working in this Utopia early in the Nineties, when they finally learned that the essence of human growth lies in the self and that in order to grow, one must change and that each of us can only change ourselves — not anyone else.


Relationship-Based Care Field Guide

Visions, Strategies, Tools and Exemplars for Transforming Practice

Editors: Mary Koloroutis, Jayne A. Felgen, Colleen Person, Susan Wessel

Part 1: Vision ||Chapter One: Begin at the BeginningPage 41

Originally published in Primarily Nursing Journal, 7[5].


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