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On this page you will find a few “pieces of my mind”: articles I have written, transcripts of speeches, things I am working on, additional resources.

To start with, here’s a great link to a resource about the Daisy Award, in terms of the concepts of ‘See Me as a Person’ — wonderful recognition of the profound impact nursing has on the lives of patients.

DAISY-CHCM White Paper


1. sandy beacom - April 27, 2010

Love to hear what’s on your mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the Primary Nursing Practicum last week. You are full of knowledge and stories to share with nurses. You helped me look at myself as a professional nurse who cares for patients, not just a job we do. Beautiful group we had!! Thanks for a great week!

2. Judi Cullinane - July 20, 2016

Dear Marie,

I am writing on behalf of my mentee and the first aspiring nurse leader from the National Association of Hispanic Nurses- Boston Chapter, Claudia Ascencion, BSN, RN. Claudia has worked throughout the 2015-2016 year gracefully and diligently to discover the best way to mentor Hispanic nurses. She was introduced to the concept of a nurse salon by two nurse leaders from the Organization of Nurse Leaders MA, RI, NH, CT; Joan Vitello-Ciccui, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN and Joan Russo, MSN, RN. In May of 2016, she held the first one and remarkably, the group discovered many things about each other as nurses of different levels of experience, background and different cultures. Most importantly was the discovery that we are all the same in many ways and that perceptions do matter. We are our best supporters, our best teachers, and it is our responsibility to learn as much from each other as we can so that we may serve our patients well. The great news is that a second one will be held; only this time within a hospital organization. As her coach and mentor, thank you for the concept of a nurse salon and I truly believe it is a concept that can be adopted in many other professions today!
Judi Cullinane

mariemanthey - October 9, 2016

Thank you so much for sharing this way to use the Salon concept. The outcome you describe is exactly the same outcome I and other have consistently had when attending Salons. I seems to almost obliterate the differences that sometimes seem to define us and instead facilitates a sense of oneness that is truly inspiring and enlightening. Please let me know how the future ones go. You are welcome to send a note directly to my email. mmanthey@chcm.com

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