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What is on Your Mind About Nursing Right Now? January 8, 2007

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It is my New Year’s resolution to post to this blog more regularly.

Join me. Make it your resolution to comment on my writings.

Although I usually don’t share my New Year’s resolutions because they are mostly about my “inside stuff,” one that I will share is a promise to write 3-4 times a week on the blog. And to encourage you to respond because we all have opinions and experiences to share and there is value in doing so.

What got me started doing this blog in the first place is a comment from my colleague Jane Felgen about putting the Salon idea onto the web. The way it works at my home is that after we sit down to eat, I ask the question of the group “What is on your mind about nursing tonight?”

So, let’s try that here: What is on your mind right now about nursing as you are reading this blog? In a couple of sentences say what you are thinking about as you browse through the blog. Others reading your current issue/question/problem/hope/ambition/fear/worry/frustration may wish to comment. I know I will. From this we will be able to have an electronic version of our monthly experience here at my home.

I’ll tell you about some recent responses to that question. At a recent salon, one nurse discussed a recent medical board meeting where MDs expressed a great concern about the new DNP (Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree), saying it might confuse patients to have another “doctor” around! A great discussion on that point! A new grad asked what the future will be like for her when the baby-boomers retire and the future terrific shortage arrives. An experienced nurse talked about her challenges precepting new grads in a NICU and also expressed concern about her unit’s remodeling that will result in all private NICU rooms. A home care nurse exec talked about the isolation her nurses experience; they lack colleagues in the workplace when all their work is in patients homes.

As for this blog, I am asking anyone who reads this comment to answer the question: What is on Your Mind About Nursing Right Now? Post your comment here. Respond to other people’s thoughts, experiences, ideas, solutions, hopes, dreams, wishes and fears. If the blog turns out anything like the salons we will all benefit in ways.

And so to get us started, here is what is on my mind about nursing: On this first day of the New Year, I am amazed that after 50 years of nursing, there is still so much to learn and so much for me to do. I marvel at the awe a new nurse has in being able to connect deeply with a patient and KNOW she/he has made an important difference in that patient’s experience. I love to see a manager “get” the meaning of leadership and realize that as a leader they are able to influence the quality of care for a whole group of patients. As a consultant I especially love it when a CNO expresses profound delight at the changes she sees in the delivery of care after a transformational experience for the staff.

I also know in the deepest level of my being that the problems we face working in dysfunctional systems on toxic units and with chronic staffing shortages — all these problems — cannot be allowed to usurp the passion nurses have for patient care. And they will not. We will find ways to overcome them. Of this I am certain.