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Symposium Review – from Renata Tewes July 28, 2017

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Professor Dr. Renata Tewes of Dresden, Germany was one of our international attendees at the Relationship-Based Care Symposium last month. 

Here are some thoughts she shared with us about the event.

What did I expect? Of course, an interesting conference, good discussions in the workshops and nice meetings with old and new colleagues during the breaks.

Nobody prepared me for what else happened on the RBC Symposium in Minneapolis. The name of the company organizing this event is Creative Health Care Management. The word creative could have been a sign, that it will not be a usual conference. It was not just interesting presentations and workshops.

It was experiencing, how it feels, when a conductor tests different leadership styles, while sitting in the middle of the orchestra. It was feeling the deep respect between a CNE and a CME while they have been explaining the importance and success of their honest relationship to each other. It was sensing the inspiring group dynamic of 400 people working with the method Appreciative Inquiry.

At the end of the conference I felt deep gratitude for being a part of this innovative process – when the participants build new relations, shared their true desires and helped in understanding – showing that building positive relationships in healthcare makes a difference. Needless to say, the empirical results of hospitals that establish Relationship-Based Care (RBC) speak for themselves.

Do I really have to wait another 4 years for the next RBC-Symposium?

Initial conversations about the next Symposium are already underway, and feedback like this is very helpful. We’d love to hear from you as well!

As it happens: RBC Symposium Day 2_ Tuesday, June 20 June 20, 2017

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Today is the first official day of the 2017 International Relationship-Based Care Symposium, here in Minneapolis at the Hilton Minneapolis! Read on for notes, hand-out links and inside peeks into Day 2.

The MusicParadigm experience made a huge impression on me when I first took it in, several years ago. I told everyone I talked to about it for weeks! It is such a unique,  substantively clear demonstration of the clear power of positive leadership. If you are experiencing it with us today, I would love to hear what you think of it! Otherwise I hope you catch it as soon as you’re able.

I’ve written about The James previously on this blog – along with UC-Davis they hold a pre-eminent position in US critical care health care systems for their extensive and inspired implementation of Relationship-Based Care.

1.Hosp, 6.Doors, 60.Wards   – Such an amazing presentation, from a multi-site hospital in Italian-speaking Switzerland; implementing Relationship-Based Care – escaping silo’s and nurturing compassionate care.

Theory without Practice is empty and Practice without Theory is Blind – Emmanuel Kant

Next was a presentation from the CNO and the CMO about how they’re partnering at Pennsylvania Hospital,  and creating an extraordinarily healthy culture there.  The day ended with a  delightful vocal experience of Full Voice lead byBarbara McAfee!

As it happens: RBC Symposium Day 1 June 19, 2017

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Today is the pre-conference afternoon of the 2017 International Relationship-Based Care Symposium, here in Minneapolis at the Hilton Minneapolis!

Here are links to the handout materials available at this time:



It’s been great already to have a brunch at my home – to which I invited international guests, several local nursing leaders and CHCM consultants. Conversations ranged over various topics including comparisons between people’s situations in different countries.

The conference itself is a very enthusiastic experience! I have been constantly in motion and it’s wonderful. Everyone is very happy to be here and many are saying ‘this is exactly what we need at our hospital!’

This afternoon I was able to be a surprise guest at the Daisy Foundation session. I spoke about the the impact of Florence Marie Fisher coloring in my coloring book, and also what a wonderful thing it was for me to be able to nominate her for the DAISY award. In closing I brought in Florence Nightingale as well.

I enjoy talking about the power of nursing: as I experienced in my lifetime the impact of my nurse when I was five years old.  I like to make it clear that the work that I’ve been involved in leading is directly the result of Florence Marie Fisher coloring in my coloring book.

I don’t think that that concept can possibly be emphasized too strongly: the power of good nursing care!

Much more to come, looking forward to sharing it with all of you!



Symposium Update! Urgency Building for this Exciting Event! May 8, 2017

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CHCM’s International Relationship-Based Care Symposium

From Silos to Synergy: Showcasing Fierce Commitment to Extraordinary Care

June 19 – June 23, 2017

Minneapolis, MN

While people will be attending this event from around the country and around the world – some of you will be able to attend any/all days without traveling at all. CHCM Symposiums are sited in vibrant health-care communities, in order for those particular communities to have the special privilege of attending events within the comforts of home.

This post is especially for those of you who have that privilege this year!

The Relationship-Based Care Symposium is a magnificent program and since you live here, the options for
attending provide a wide range of choices. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity.  This is the first time we are offering the symposium locally to the Twin Cities community.   You can opt to attend one of the three
days…all three….or the pre- or the post- conference, or all of them.

This is a great opportunity.  Look carefully at all the speakers and you will see why you don’t want to miss this event.

Some highlights are:

* DAVID COOPERRIDER, the developer and creative thought leader of Appreciative Inquiry, a strengths-based approach to organizational change based on the best in people and their organizations
* ROGER NIERENBERG, a maestro who, with the help of a professional orchestra, provides a multi-sensory immersion experience of organizational dynamics and teaming
* ROBIN AND MEREDITH YOUNGSON, co-founders of New Zealand-based Hearts in Healthcare, which focuses on organizational strategy and movement building that’s centered on making health care more
* THE DAISY FOUNDATION, enhancing patient care by celebrating compassionate and extraordinary nurses through meaningful recognition
* TEDDIE POTTER WILL FACILITATE A DIALOGUE with Robin Youngson and an interprofessional team of young clinicians on PARTNERING ACROSS GENERATIONS.

The journey forward of Primary Nursing, and it’s broader implementation as Relationship-Based Care, will be celebrated, cultivated and innovated further at this  once-in-a-lifetime event.

Symposium Registration Information

Please check out the Brochure and the website and your co-workers and professional community. To obtain the group rate please email:  rbcsymposium@metroconnections.com with the list of all attendees in your group and you will receive a registration code.

This activity is planned and implemented by the University of Minnesota, Interprofessional Continuing Education and Creative Health Care Management. In support of improving patient care, the University of Minnesota, Interprofessional Continuing Education is jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) to provide continuing education for the healthcare team.

Register for the RBC Symposium today!

Please let me know any questions you have about this exciting event. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

From Silos to Synergy: Showcasing Fierce Commitment to Extraordinary Care April 22, 2017

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Join experts in compassionate care, leadership, and organizational development at the 2017 International Relationship-Based Care Symposium. At this event, you will identify strategies thta you and your team can use to improve interprofessional collaboration; and learn practical tools and actions to achieve committed partnerships, cross-departmental teamwork, and cultural transformation. Come prepared to network with an international community of health care leaders who are transforming the way health care is provided, and leave inspired to further your commitment to achieve excellence in health care.

Event Details:


June 20-22, 2017
Pre-Conference: June 19
Post-Conference: June 23

Hilton Minneapolis
1001 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403


Good Sunday Morning November 15, 2009

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I had to cancel my salon last month due to a heavy travel period.  In six weeks I was in CA, MI, NY, Germany (10 days) and Ireland.  It was an interesting experience because in 90% of the work I was speaking about Primary Nursing and Leadership.  About the past and the future. About the present, and Being Present.  There is a tremendous hunger within nursing to re-member, to re-connect with the basic values of the nursing profession.  And the enormous challenge is the workload and complexity issues that nearly overwhelm nurses is some settings.

During this past year I have been seeped in history.  Both of nursing in general and in the history of the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota where a centennial celebration took place last week. This school is the first on-going school of nursing to start in an academic institution anywhere in the world, as far as we can tell.  (Columbia TC started at a graduate level).

I have been studying the work of the instigator of this school, a physician named Richard Olding Beard. His writings clearly demonstrate why nurses need to be educated, not merely trained, as the title of one article attests: “The Educated Spirit of the Nurse”.

So last week was the culmination of a very busy two months for me and I am now getting back to semi-retirement, whatever that means.

One more thing: the Centennial Gala was the time of an announcement about the establishment of the Marie Manthey Professorship for innovative practices.  If you would like more info about supporting creativity and innovation, add a comment or just email me. I am very excited about it.  Recruitment for the position has not yet started, as fund-raising continues.

My August Salon August 10, 2009

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This one was special in that it was scheduled (by me) right in the middle of a five day practicum on Primary Nursing.  This was the first Practicum I’ve ever done, and it was a delightful experience for me and for the attendees. We had a great time and we all learned a great deal.

In the middle of this event, I had a Salon scheduled. All the Practicum attendees opted to come, so we had a group of around 20-22 people. It was large, but the conversation flowed well, because so many knew each other already from the class.

The theme for the evening ended up being “self-care”  a huge challenge for many nurses as well as non-nurses.  The beautiful part was the recognition that if we are not taking good care of our own beings —  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually — it is hard (if not impossible) to take good care of others.

I am looking forward to the attendees contributions to the blog…..bring them on!!

Last Salon Note for May May 30, 2009

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On May 21, we had the regular one at my house (3 Salons for me in 10 days! What a treat) and I am inviting attendees to post a note. I’ve done enough posting today


Recent Reflections May 30, 2009

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At the Ways of Knowing conference  (for info, visit website of Center for Spirituality and Healing at the U of Minnesota) I found myself often connecting the Salon experience I’ve been having with the things I was learning about mindfulness as a strategy for a healthy life. For three days, wise people from all over the country and other countries as well, taught us about the relationship between ways of being and well-being. So much was relevant for the nursing profession and pertinent to what we can do to heal ourselves and our profession.  Yes, even in the fact of working in a sick-system that seems to be taking forever to get on the right track.

The Salons kept coming up in my mind because of the depth of meaning experienced there, as well as the fact that being present seems to bring all of us a degree of peace not found often in the pressure cooker of health care. And that is desperately needed.

I learned mindfulness in and of itself is healing. Mindfulness involves intention, attention and attitude and opens the door for experiencing the deep truths that lie at the very foundation of our work. It is such noble work and we are privileged to be able do it. Being open to that truth changes the day to day experience of being a nurse.

In a few weeks, the entire conference will be posted on the website of the Center and I encourage everyone to watch for it.  Ciao.

A Salon in England May 21, 2009

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Last week, on the eve of Nightingale’s birthday, nurses gathered in a private home to have a discussion about nursing. They invited me to be there for the kick-off of the first Salon in the UK. It was energizing, rewarding and exciting. The issues we discussed had to do with the basic values of nursing … and what it means to use a holistic approach. I felt completely at home, although I had only met one or two of the people there before. But: we were nurses … and there is a feeling of knowing one another that surfaces at times like this.

This event  took place in Doncaster, near Leeds, north of London. Hopefully more will start up around the UK and this first one will continue on a regular basis.

A couple of my English nurse friends were there, including Steve Wright, a well known leader in the UK whose book Sacred Space has guided my thinking about my own spirituality and the connection spirituality has with nursing practice. A couple of other leaders were there as well.

The age/experience/education span was as generous as it is here. We had a student nurse and a wonderful retired enrolled nurse (similar to LPN here). The passion for practice encompassed all present.

I am hoping someone who was there will contribute to the blog and that everyone starts sharing this experience with the nursing community through this blog.