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A ‘Mass Salon” event at the Texas Nurses Association meeting April 20, 2016

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Texas has done it again.    Last Saturday I introduced Salons to the House of Delegates and for the next two hours, about 170 delegates experienced a Salon conversation at their tables.   The same format was used…check in, have a conversation, check out.   It is such a simple formula, I am always amazed at what happens at an experiential level.   After each table had ‘checked out’ we had a room-wide sharing.   And that is where the magic and/or miracle was seen.   Among the comments was amazement at how easy and conversation flowed..  “like fish moving in a school”…..  it seems organic and effortless the way the conversation moved based on the check-in.   Another comment was how easy it was despite vast age and experience differences..   “Amazingly energetic”.   “Easy to reach common ground”.   “Nursing has the same values no matter where is it practiced”.   Found the bedrock of who we are….reached common ground.   And finally as always….the word Hope came through.   This seems to be an almost universal result of a salon conversation.

The reason I was asked to do this by the TNA is they are encouraging their members to form Salons all over Texas….and the members present were encouraged to become or recruit hosts in their regions.   The TNA will provide a website to post information about all meetings, including the opportunity to RSVP right on the website.   This is a really important development and will greatly facilitate the success of this movement.

Thank You Texas….for once again Thinking Big

A Salon in New Mexico February 12, 2016

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Salon Resources: https://wordpress.com/page/mariesnursingsalon.wordpress.com/7

Next week on Feb. 23 There will be a Salon in Albuquerque.……my hope is that someone gets them started both here and in Sante Fe and I also hope that the movement continues to grow, as it does make a difference!

In a way it reminds me of my early experience with Primary Nursing. The growth was organic. From a couple of short articles in the literature (same with salons) to years of talking about it and helping others get it started…(during which time it was unclear what the impact was) to a slow spreading throughout the profession ( including education finally) and throughout the world. Just like Salons (I hope)…Primary Nursing was also sort of ‘under the radar’ of officialdom in health care. No nursing organization ever officially endorsed the concept. No financial impact was ever recognized by the system. For years/decades, I was asked ‘how widespread is Primary Nursing throughout the country? For which I had no answer. No one ever counted up the implementations!   No national surveys were done.  Ever.  We still don’t know.

The same thing is happening with Nursing Salons… people ask me where are they happening? Sometimes we hear they are happening…  but mostly not… it is a Happening! Simply a happening.    When Salons ‘happen’ all over the country, change happens all over the country.

Funny, isn’t it?

News: A New Salon in Michigan June 29, 2011

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Salon Resources: https://wordpress.com/page/mariesnursingsalon.wordpress.com/7
Good evening Marie,
I want to let you know that we have formalized our Nursing Salon in Rochester.  I was really hoping that someone who attended the salon you facilitated last October would want to do this. After careful consideration, I invited the nurses from our first Tide of Primary Nursing, 15 nurses arrived on time, and I had to suggest it was time to end and leave at 9pm.  It was a beautiful evening of insightful conversation, my heart was singing, my brain was whirling. The nurses found the conversation inspirational, energizing, and a sacred place to talk about nursing.  Our youngest nurse was 6 months into her profession, our most mature nurse was 40+ years into hers.  We had nurses from Medical Oncology, Maternal Child, Critical Care, and Rehab, surprisingly we were all more similar then different in our perspectives of nursing, the complexity and significance of the roles that we all engage in.
Karen  (she was the host of the salon you attended with us) has agreed to alternate the evening with me.  She has odd months, I have even months.  All who attended committed to bringing a colleague with them to the July salon.  We agreed to the third Thursday of the month.
Fabulous, phenomenal, and I cannot wait for the next salon in July.
Thank you for your vision, encouragement, and listening.

The Power of Conversations May 30, 2011

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Salon Resources: https://wordpress.com/page/mariesnursingsalon.wordpress.com/7

Conference:  Ways of Knowing Conversations

Over one hundred health care professionals gathered for a day of conversation about Sustainability and Spirituality in Healthcare on May 25 in St. Paul, MN. The unusual format for the day gave national experts 20 minutes for their speeches followed by  30 minutes of “table talk” among attendees with 10 minutes for audience-wide sharing.

This approach was designed to recognize the reality that the experience of attendees provides unique and expansive backgrounds within which to share understandings of the speakers content.  The buzz in the room confirmed the validity of the format.

One of the common threads of the people who attended is a deep interest in holistic approaches to healthcare. The insights shared and decisions made and shared point to the reality that, once again, conversation changes people and the lives they lead. Attendees were physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, counselors, etc.  Role distinctions blurred around the common interest in holistic health and the environment.

Salons were  frequently mentioned as one mechanism for these kinds of life-changing conversations.  Many people said they are interested in starting a Salon and I hope they will use this blog to share their experiences.

Salon Spread…..Is it a movement? October 3, 2010

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Salon Resources: https://wordpress.com/page/mariesnursingsalon.wordpress.com/7

The drumbeat about Nursing Salons continues.  Two weeks ago, there was as extraordinary gathering of nurses sponsored by NWONE that featured several well-known leaders. Margaret Wheatley, Christina Baldwin, Gary Saltus, Barbara Dossey and I were all on the program.  The main topic had to do with the value of conversation — to change our profession, our experience, our relationships — and indeed the world.

I had the privilege of  engaging in a dialog regarding my experiences as a nurse, the realities of practice today and the value of the conversations we have in Salons. The growth continues. There are several starting or already underway in Washington and Oregon.

At a MOLN meeting last week,  it was confirmed that there is one meeting monthly for over a year in Wilmer Minnesota. Two nurses from Rochester made a commitment to start one in the near future, and one is being planned for St. Paul. ( Mike Skobba, please note!)  Often, when I am asked to speak anywhere, I am also asked to run a first salon in that community.

There is an article in the latest Creative Nursing Journal written by Michael Petty who has been sponsoring one with his wife Michelle for a couple of years here in Minneapolis, and another will be published soon in Nursing Forum that I wrote, called “A Talk for All Times.”

What truly amazes and delights me is that this is all happening very organically. The idea  is spreading, mostly by word of mouth. I try to make note of each one I hear about, but I’m sure there are many more happening than are being captured and reported about. I think it is close to becoming a legitimate movement. It is something that is spreading, something that is creating energy, something that is changing nursing.   Wow!  This is fun!

A Salon in Hawaii April 3, 2010

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I’ve been invited to attend a salon in Honolulu when I’m there later in April! I wonder where else Salons are happening?

New: A First Salon in Elgin, Ontario, Canada March 16, 2010

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Last month I visited a hospital in Elgin, (near London) Ontario, Canada.  A group of nurses there converted a standard large conference room into a lovely warm living room environment.  They set up comfortable over-sized chairs, used floor and table lamps for warm lighting, and even rented a fireplace. Delicious food was served and the environment was perfect for a Salon.  Nurses from around the region and different walks of nursing were invited.

These Salon experiences are always amazing  to me.   As soon as someone first answers the question, “What’s on your mind about nursing tonight?” the energy starts to flow, issues come forward, and the magic begins. Believe me it is not all sweetness and light. The dark realities, and hard truths about our work are all brought out. And they are not ignored. What happens by the time we  do the around-the-room checkout, is that the incredible, rich and rewarding aspects of nursing return to our consciousness and everyone feels better.

In this case, in addition to the usual issues re. workload and staffing, morale and leadership (etc…) this time, in the presence of many students, there was an open and frank discussion about how senior nurses feel occasionally about being preceptors.

After a serious discussion, both students and older nurses said they now understand each other better. Students caught on that nurses’ unmanageable stress effects everyone and not just them personally.  New approaches to precepting were also discussed. The check out comments reflected a completely different energy than was there earlier.  This is a process that is working. Let’s keep it growing!

A Salon Start-up in Portland, Oregon September 13, 2009

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Last night another Nursing Salon was started in another state!  This one was in the state of Oregon, at the home Louise Shores, a leader in nursing education and former executive in ANA.  I was invited to attend and help with the process of this inaugural Salon. In the beautiful setting of her yard and deck, a group of about 18 people from various walks of nursing life and from young nurses to “seniors” again experienced the impact of coming together to talk to each other about nursing . We again experienced an incredible sense of oneness. This is one of the most frequent outcomes of a Salon.

The growth of Salons is  so encouraging. No matter what individuals bring to discuss during the check-in, the discussion itself always seems to result in a feeling of  connectedness among the participants and with the values and strengths of our profession. Job differences, education level differences, age differences, status differences … all seem to melt away and we connect in a very positive way. One of the first check-out comments came from a university faculty member who said she had been feeling pessimistic about nursing when she arrived and was now optimistic. That surge of positive energy bodes well for her and for her students.

I continue to believe that the secret to their success is in part due to the fact that Salons are not connected to any agency or institution.   The reality of gathering in homes to just talk about nursing seems to free us to reach deep into ourselves for the meaning of our work free of role-based constraints.

A new Salon in California! May 30, 2009

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On May 19, just one week after kicking off a Salon in Leeds, England, I was invited to do the same thing in Anaheim California. Here, some really innovative leaders at UC Irvine invited educators and practioners (including students and staff nurses) from three hospitals and several colleges to a first time Salon.  This first one was held  in a private dining room of a favorite restaurant and there were over 35 attendees with much enthusiasm for the concept.

I am always fascinated by the comments made during the check-out and how often I hear younger nurses say “I loved hearing the passion experienced nurses still have” while experienced nurses say the same about novices.

It is also always interesting to me to see how quickly the discussion moves into deep content, into deep truths about the nature of nursing work.  I have invited them to add their comments to the blog.

A Salon in England May 21, 2009

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Last week, on the eve of Nightingale’s birthday, nurses gathered in a private home to have a discussion about nursing. They invited me to be there for the kick-off of the first Salon in the UK. It was energizing, rewarding and exciting. The issues we discussed had to do with the basic values of nursing … and what it means to use a holistic approach. I felt completely at home, although I had only met one or two of the people there before. But: we were nurses … and there is a feeling of knowing one another that surfaces at times like this.

This event  took place in Doncaster, near Leeds, north of London. Hopefully more will start up around the UK and this first one will continue on a regular basis.

A couple of my English nurse friends were there, including Steve Wright, a well known leader in the UK whose book Sacred Space has guided my thinking about my own spirituality and the connection spirituality has with nursing practice. A couple of other leaders were there as well.

The age/experience/education span was as generous as it is here. We had a student nurse and a wonderful retired enrolled nurse (similar to LPN here). The passion for practice encompassed all present.

I am hoping someone who was there will contribute to the blog and that everyone starts sharing this experience with the nursing community through this blog.